February 23, 2024

Presidential Opinion Piece Content/Stylistic Categories

The 550 presidential opinion pieces in the database are being coded into one or more of the following 26 content categories/sub-categories and, when appropriate, into one or more of the five “stylistic categories” at the end of the list. Links to examples have been provided for all categories.

Higher Ed Case-stating – General (for groups/types of institutions, or for all of higher education) (Example)

  • Liberal Arts Case-stating (Example)
  • Value of College, Return on Investment (Example)

Higher Ed Case-stating – Specific (i.e., the writer’s institution) (Example)

  • Contributions to region, partnerships (Example)
  • Academic programs and strengths (Example)

Legal/Governmental Issue – National (Example)

  • Obama College Rating System (Example)

Legal/Governmental Issue – State, Regional, Local (Example)

Societal Issues (Example)

  • Sexuality issues, Gender (Example)
  • Racial, diversity issues (Example)
  • Access, for low-income students (Example)

Campus Issues (Example)

Higher Ed Critique/Improvement Suggestions (typically directed to leaders/policy makers in higher ed) (Example)

  • Higher Ed Leadership/Governance/Role of President (Example)
  • Teaching, Learning, Students, Classes (including testing) (Example)
  • Higher Ed Financial Issues (Student debt, institutional budgeting) (Example)
  • Rankings (other than Obama Rating System) (Example)
  • Higher ed outcomes, graduation, alumni (Example)

Guidance/Advice on Higher Ed (e.g., selecting/preparing for college, directed to parents and students) (Example)

Regional Support/Engagement (Example)

International Issues (Example)

Sports (Example)

Science & Technology, STEM (Example)

Religion, Faith, Ethics (Example)


Presidential Opinion Stylistic Categories

Personal Anecdotes/Insights (Example)

Lists (Example)

Call to Action (i.e., specific, not general) (Example)

Tie-in to News (i.e., Current Event/Anniversary, Campus Events, Reaction to Columns/Editorials) (Example)

Profiles/accomplishments of individuals (Example)