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Opinion Pieces: Personal Anecdotes/Storytelling

January – October 2014

Higher ed listens to the future, Cincinnati, Ohio, Enquirer, 4/9/14
Santa J. Ono, University of Cincinnati

Behind every community college president is a strong PIO, Community College Daily (American Association of Community Colleges), 4/9/14
Cindy Miles, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (Calif.)

Challenges of a new president, Community College Journal (American Association of Community Colleges), 4/11/14
Sandra Caldwell, Reedley College (Calif.)

Rethinking College ROI: The Rewards Of Meaningful Student-Professor Relationships, Forbes Magazine, 5/30/14
Daniel R. Porterfield, Franklin & Marshall College

70 Years After the GI Bill, We Need a Similar Investment, Huffington Post, 6/20/14
Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., Stony Brook University (N.Y.)

A Shared Vision of Access, Huffington Post, 3/9/14
Michael Lindsay, Gordon College

Back to School, Huffington Post, 2/14/14|
Stuart Dorsey, Texas Lutheran University

Beginning the Struggle, Huffington Post, 6/16/14
Christopher B. Nelson, St. John’s College, Annapolis

Choosing a College: Advice to My Son, Huffington Post, 4/3/14
Christopher B. Nelson, St. John’s College, Annapolis

College Counselors: The Unsung Heroes of American Education, Huffington Post, 3/24/14
Daniel R. Porterfield, Franklin & Marshall College

Don’t Forget This When You Feel Overwhelmed, Huffington Post, 5/9/14
Robert M. Myers, Toccoa Falls College

Giving Dreamers a Chance, Huffington Post, 2/10/14
Patricia McGuire, Trinity Washington University

Leading (and Teaching) for the Common Good, Huffington Post, 1/26/14
Michael Lindsay, Gordon College

Love Makes Space: A Message for Today’s College Graduates, Huffington Post, 7/19/14
Daniel R. Porterfield, Franklin & Marshall College

Returning for the Spring Semester, Inspired by Judy and Patti, Huffington Post, 1/22/14
Michael S. Brophy, Marymount California University

Scandalous Options, Huffington Post, 1/5/14
Patricia McGuire, Trinity Washington University

The Gold Standard: The Powerful Impact of Residential Liberal Arts Colleges, Huffington Post, 1/20/14
Jay Lemons, Susquehanna University

Why This Accident Made Me Smile, Huffington Post, 6/30/14
Robert M. Myers, Toccoa Falls College

An Investment Worth Making, Huffington Post (Also Celebrate Gettysburg, area tourist magazine), 2/6/14
Janet Riggs, Gettysburg College

Higher education matters for our state, Independence, Mo., Examiner, 2/27/14
Timothy M. Wolfe, University of Missouri System

A Family’s College Search(es), Inside Higher Ed, 4/3/14
Thomas J. Botzman, Misericordia University (with Vanessa and Gabriela Botzman, wife and daughter)

What I’d tell Ma now – if I could, Orange County, Calif., Register, 5/6/14
Jim Doti, Chapman University

Worrying for the Class of 2014, Richmond, Va., Times-Dispatch, 6/1/14
Kenneth P. Ruscio, Washington & Lee University

Reflections of a University President, One Year into the Job, Huffington Post, 9/29/14
Joseph I. Castro, California State University, Fresno

One Practical Benefit of a Liberal Arts Education: Knowing What You Know, Huffington Post, 10/8/14
Keith Wade, Webber International University