February 28, 2024

Washington Post Launches New Higher Ed Blog

The Washington Post has added a new higher education blog, Grade Point, that according to the Post’s announcement January 13, will “present a comprehensive daily report about local and national higher education.”

Susan Svrluga (formerly Susan Kinzie) will oversee the new venture. Susan has been with the Post for over 10 years, and earlier in her tenure (under her former name) served as higher education reporter. Also contributing to the new blog will be higher ed writer Nick Anderson and former Chronicle of Higher Education editor Jeff Selingo.

The announcement, written by Post Education Editor Josh White, also notes that the blog will “aim to include voices of those connected to higher education coast-to-coast, from university presidents to college freshmen,” making it another possible venue for op-eds by presidents and others on campus.

A somewhat expanded version of the announcement appeared in the print edition of the Post on January 19 but, for whatever reason, is not included on the Post website. Here’s a PDF of the piece that appeared in print.

Even earlier (January 9), an item on the Washington Post PR Blog outlined changes in education staffing at the paper, and includes background on Syrluga who formerly covered the outer suburbs of Virginia.

Note that Grade Point will appear in addition to the Post’s longstanding Answer Sheet blog. Valerie Strauss confirmed today that “I will continue to publish interesting guest posts,” noting that her blog will also remain “a mix of everything education related, K-12 and higher ed.”

Contact Info (E-mail/Twitter):

Susan Svrulga, Higher Education Reporter, susan.svrluga@washpost.com / SusanSvrluga

Lyndsey Layton, National Education Reporter, laytonl@washpost.com / lyndseylayton

Emma Brown, National Education Reporter, browne@washpost.com / emmersbrown

Josh White, Education Editor, whitejs@washpost.com / JoshWhiteTWP

Valerie Strauss, Higher Education/Kids Post Reporter, straussv@washpost.com / valeriestrauss

Nick Anderson, Higher Education Writer (Former Education Editor), andersonn@washpost.com / wpnick

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